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Welcome to GEO E-shop!

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About Us

Get the best Computer/Laptop accessories Keyboard, Battery, Screen, Charger (Adapter), Housing cover, Hinges, stand, DC port/Jack, USB Port/Jack, Motherboard, DC cable, Display Assembly, Webcam, wifi card, antina cable, FFC cable, HDD cable, Lvds Vga cable, Headphone, SSD, HDD, RAM, Gaming RGB, Flash drive, Pendrive, enclosore, HDD/M.2/Nvme case, HDMI TYPE-C cable/converter and all the computer accessories and IT Gadgets in Nepal at the most excellent warranty with affordable price.

Our Commitment
At GEO we believe in customer satisfaction and Original Product Quality. Geo has always give the Quality first. leading distributor for global brands of IT hardware and peripherals. Technology intervention has shaped the today’s economy as we know it and the local IT products distribution ecosystem has played a very important role in taking the technology and its products within easy accessibility of our consumers.

Starting with a single product distribution 12/15-dealer network in 2019, Geo today reaches out to its end customers through more than 1050+ channel partners and touch point locations, all across Nepal. Geo distributes the best and the most famous brands in its class. Our customers are our number-one priority—across products, services, and support. 

We pride ourselves in having the largest product portfolio with over 1000 SKU’s and being the leader in the Nepali Market across many product categories such as Storage devices,Laptop Accessories and Computer Peripherals.

We are often the first company to launch the latest in technologies in the product categories we operate. We have the widest product portfolio in laptops across any brand in Nepal. Also we have the widest product portfolio in memory/ storage devices such as Hard Drives, Thumb Drives, TF cards, DRAM, Accessories and more..

. Our mission is to change that with friendly, local, professional support and loyalty.

The truth is that we understand how important a reliable computer is in this modern world, and we have all the tools required to provide just that.We aim to be more than just technically proficient and knowledgeable; we aim to provide professional, accountable solutions and service to our customers. You’ll see the difference at every step of the way.